May. 26th, 2010

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I finished three new laser-cut spiral designs in the two days prior to Maker Faire.  I pushed on several new things -- intricate boundaries, using multiple types of wood in the same design, handling large numbers of pieces, and working with a new, bigger type of veneer.  All in all, it's really impressive that all three designs worked out more or less flawlessly. 

Design 1:
Assembling laser-cut wood spirals  Assembling laser-cut wood spirals
Lasercut wood spirals  Lasercut wood spirals

Design 2:
Lasercut wood spirals  Lasercut wood spirals

Design 3:
Lasercut wood spirals  Lasercut wood spirals


New photos of other designs )


Photos of assembly process )
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I spent almost all of Maker Faire behind a booth this year, but it was fun to interact with the various attendees.

At my Maker Faire booth  At my Maker Faire booth

In addition to the lasercut wood spirals, I brought a few laser-cut paper Hilbert curves for people to play with. 

At my Maker Faire booth

Every now and then I would invite people to pull one of the Hilbert curves apart.  Because the Hilbert curve is an intricate, long, space-filling curve, a small Hilbert curve can be stretched to quite a length. 

This ~9 year old kid gave a savant-style mathematical definition of a Hilbert curve, so I let him pull the first one apart:

Pulling apart Hilbert curves

At the end of the day, we pulled apart the remaining ones, including the two big ones:

Pulling apart Hilbert curves  Pulling apart Hilbert curves
Pulling apart Hilbert curves

This is unrelated, but was also from maker faire -- a veritable ocean of paella:
Ocean of paella

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According to the woman to whom the jacket full of patches belonged, this patch is a real sign from the Australian outback.


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