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I was happy to find some new owners for the Settlers game.  They will be taking it to several gaming conventions, and another group will be taking it to Burning Man. 

You can follow its future appearances here on Twitter:
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I took a while to do it, but here are the pictures from Matt's 28th, Julie's 27th birthday / housecooling / giant settlers of catan party.

I actually managed to clean all the playa dust off the game in only half a day.  Since everyone at the party wanted to play, people formed teams and made collective decisions.  The teams were just like real governments... slow and full of internal dissension.  However, unlike real governments, large amounts of alcohol were supplied during the legislative process.

(insert funny caption here)

See more in flickrland...
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We finally finished the giant Settlers of Catan game, a few hours before we were supposed to depart for Burning Man.  The wet spray paint on the houses wasn't even fully dry when we packed it all away at 5am.

We were worried that our efforts to do Settlers as a burning man project were in vain.  Relatively few people have even heard of the game, and most people at burning man can barely rub two neurons together and run around with the attention span of a gnat.

However, we were proven wrong. 

There were people coming by to play Monday morning, even before we had the damn thing set up.

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I lasercut 28 houses and all the signs over the last 2 days.  This represents about 9 hours of lasercutting.  We now have 24 hours to paint everything, package it, and get it out to burningman.

All spread out on my floor:

A finished house:

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We finally finished the hexes for the giant Settlers of Catan boardgame.

Here's a quick assembly of the land hexes.  (The whole setup, with the water hexes, just barely fits in my backyard)

Now we have 5 days to do the resources, markers, dev cards, houses, cities, roads, and  bins for players to use.  No time like the present!

[profile] frogpyjamas and I have been working our asses off to make this happen.  Steve and [profile] zingkotori have come by and helped as well.

I have giant floodlights in my backyard at 1am.  My neighbors must be curious.  I hear them moving around and opening their window shades.


Aug. 16th, 2007 11:56 pm
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The sheep for the giant Settlers of Catan game arrived today.  (Instead of resource cards, we have actual resources.  :-)  My coworkers are always marveling at all the strange stuff I get in the mail.

So I got 24 sheep for only $30.

This is why China will thoroughly kick our ass in the next half-century.  Can Americans produce sheep for $1.20 a pop? I didn't think so.

I wonder what the poor Chinese laborers think of all the weird superfluous stuff they make for us.
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We spent a day working on [profile] frogpyjamas's burningman project idea, the giant sized Settlers of Catan board game.

We rocked and made a ton of progress.

See more progress photos at:


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