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My current world is about to end and a new one is about to begin.  I'm giving up my apartment, putting all my possessions in a public storage locker, and traveling the world for three months.  The people, things, and places I know will all be gone for quite a while.  I will come back a different person, as will all of you.  (A friend of mine once described the evolving tapestry of a group of friends as a kaleidoscope -- if you watch it continuously as you turn it, you see every change smoothly, but if you look away for a while and look back, it's suddenly a different pattern.)

It would be fun to see you all one last time.  Thus I'm having the End Times party.  It's about the Rapture, the Apocalypse, The Singularity, or any of those other hypothetical world-shattering paradigm shifts.  Costumes and props are always welcome.  Here's a helpful guide to such events our friendly Christian evangelical brethren put together: .

Have fun, come early, come late, sleep over, lounge about in the hot tub.  Earlier period will likely be more family-friendly.

Evite here:  (Don't respond at the evite from this link.  You should have an email evite.  If not, RSVP with an lj comment, email me and I will add you to my houseparty list!
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I did Santarchy for the first time in several years last night.

It's tripled in scale since I last did it... there were close to 1000 Santas rampaging around the city, getting drunk, being merry, and otherwise messing with the heads of people new to the city.



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Last weekend I had about 10 people over to try out the flavor tripping tablets that remap your taste buds so that sour things taste sweet, alcohol tastes milder, and bitter things taste weird. 

We tried at least 40 different foods and drinks.  I had the guests rate each edible item based on how much of a change there was from before to after taking the tablet.  It was really well organized but still lots of fun.


Here are the results:

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I'm doing another flavor tripping event this Saturday night.  Please let me know if you'd like to come but have not already done so via Evite.

If you're coming this week, here's what I'd love you to bring:
- As many different kinds of vinegar as possible.
- Unusual sour fruit.
- Coffee. 
Please comment if you can bring any of these items.
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First flavor tripping experiments:

(I've already tried lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, gin, pickles, olives, vanilla vodka, gin)

Here's how things have been transformed
- Tomatoes (I *hate* tomatoes) -- tasted like candy for 5 seconds, then the familiar disgusting flavor hit.
- Broccoli -- much milder and sweeter
- Plain yogurt -- tasted like vanilla yogurt with extra sugar
- Ginger -- still spicy but milder and "warmer"
- Tamarind sauce -- way too cloyingly sweet -- very sour things end up very sweet.
- Cucumber -- milder and slightly sweeter
- Capers -- interesting sweet morsels
- Rice vinegar -- sweet but icky and gross. 
- Tangerine juice -- cloyingly sweet
- Mandarin vodka -- very tasty and only mildly alcoholic
- Cutty sark whiskey -- mild and smooth
- Jose Cuervo tequila -- mild and smooth
- Dry sake -- sweet sake
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The Halloweaster party came off really well, and by some definitions is still going on.  The decorations, drinks, and food were all fantastic.  Thanks to K for coming over and putting all the food and the rabbit-blood martinis together.  I had loads of fun creating laser-cut decorations.

The beheaded rabbit.  Complete with tinny rabbits as blood.

R&A.  Fabulous as always.

Flickrriffic link with all the photos.

ABL party.

Jun. 24th, 2007 10:40 pm
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My pictures from the ABL party are online.
People are getting older and having kids. Not that it's stopping them.

This photoset is way biased toward a few people so I apologize.

Note to frogpyjamas, being_angyl, mackenzie... your facepaint photos are all in here.


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